I prefer the definition of coach to that of a teacher.
A coach helps players who train to express their maximum potential, exceed their limits. To be able to do this, I need the players to have a great passion and a spirit of sacrifice.
This type of work is dedicated to those who live golf at a competitive level. In this case my support goes beyond the swing technique. It includes the scheduling of competitions and training, mental preparation, presence in some tournaments and all the other aspects of a 360 degree coach.
We start at the beginning of the year with the definition of the objectives for the season. I consider this part very important. A clear definition of the objectives gives way to be more aware during the year-end analysis and is also a great motivational engine.
For the analysis of the game I use a very detailed statistics program. It is useful for me to identify areas of improvement and monitor progress.
I also use an application that allows me to keep the history of the technical work done and stay in touch with the players even from a distance.
Train the agonists both individually and in groups according to the age, level and needs of the moment.