Among all the shots on the golf course, the putt is one of the most fascinating for me. It requires good technical fundamentals, mental skills and training both in terms of quantity and quality.
My first goal when I work with a student on the putt is to understand what is the area of improvement from which to start.
Even for a good player it is not easy to understand the reason for an unpublished putt. There may have been an error in reading the putt, perception, alignment, direction or rotation of the putter face, trajectory and each of the combination of these factors.
During my lessons on putting I use the Sam Puttlab in combination with video analysis. The Sam Puttlab is a very accurate instrument, providing as many as 40 parameters for each measured shot.
The motor sciences teach us that learning and the automation of a movement occur by experiencing successes and failures. They also stress the importance of feedback. There is no learning without feedback.
For this reason I also use the Perfect Putter and some Visio Putting tools for player training.