Titleist Performance Institute is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the study of the functioning of the human body in relation to the golf swing.
Since its foundation in 2003, TPI has studied thousands of golfers, from the best players in the world to weekend enthusiasts. In all these years an incredible amount of data has been collected. Analyzing them, TPI has discovered what are the physical characteristics that allow you to perform the swing as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, TPI analyzed how physical limitations can negatively affect the swing and potentially even lead to injury.
The TPI mission is to educate players and professionals in the field on the body – swing relationship through its “TPI Certified” educational program. This protocol was developed by founders Greg Rose and Dave Phillips together with a staff of 52 industry experts. TPI offers five distinct fields of study: Golf, Medical, Fitness, Power and Junior. Currently, there are over 19,000 TPI certified professionals in 63 countries.

Personally I am certified by TPI Golf and Junior. I have also been working for 10 years on the precious collaboration of the athletic trainer Massimo Bramanti, certified TPI Fitness third level. Thanks to Massimo’s skills, I have the opportunity to work on the players’ technique in an integrated way with the development of their physical abilities.


Massimo Bramanti attended the State Superior Institute of Physical Education in Rome, graduating with 110 cum laude. Subsequently, at the same Institute, he graduated in Management and Management of Sports Facilities.
Over the years he has held the role of sports instructor and technical director in some of the main clubs of the Capital, including the Reebok Center, the Forum Sport Center and the Sports Center of the Bank of Italy. At the same time he enriched his training by specializing as a teacher of pilates and club managers.
In 2007, he began training young golfers at Parco di Roma and attending courses in the Titleist Performance Institute. In October 2017 he reached the third level of Fitness Professional at the TPI headquarters in Oceanside, California. He currently takes care of the athletic preparation of Renato Paratore (European tour), Michele Cea (Alps Tour), Aurora Colombo (Swiss National Amateur) and other emerging national players. He works at Aeronautics Club and at Roma Acquasanta Golf Club.